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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t.
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macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> this is "world news." britain's long awaited inquiry into the iraq war begins. the six-person team has started taking evidence. tony blair will face questions about a war that divided the country. >> we are apolitical.
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we want to examine and rely on the evidence. we will approach our task in a way that a sterile, rigorous, fair, and frank. >> the prime minister of ina gets the first state visit in the obama era. they protest against the evacuating settlements in the west bank. a cadre of the faithful. the 2.5 million muslims pray the threat from swine flu and descend on the holy city. >> it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, a midday in london, where the long-awaited inquiry into the iraq war has begun. former prime minister tony blair's decision to support the invasion of iraq in 2003 was
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highly divisive at the time, and continues to generate controversy. the central accusation is that the british government misled the public about the threat waged by saddam as sayihussein. >> the iraq inquiry was set up to identify the lessons that should be learned from the u.k. involvement in iraq to help future governments that may face similar situations. to do this, we need to establish what happened. we are pieces in this together from the evidence we are collected from documents, were from those who have firsthand experience. we will need to evaluate what went well and what did not and why. my colleagues and i come to this task with open minds. we are apolitical. we are independent of any political party.
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we want to examine and rely on the evidence. we will approach our task in a way that is sterile, rigorous, fair, and frank. >> among the first witnesses of the opening session was the former offices director, peter rickets. >> we had the arrival of a new administration in washington. i think a simple summary of our view at the time -- containment, but also containment of the threat which iraq had posed to
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the region. by 2001, the containment policy was failing. the rate of failure was accelerating. there were three strands to the containment policy. one was sanctions. of which perhaps the most effective were the arms and cargo. there were also sanctions on iraqi oil exports and revenues from them, handled through this complex machinery. the second strand was an incentive to strand. the incentive of a suspension of sanctions 120 days after the return of weapons inspectors to iraq. our review at the beginning of
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2001 suggested that each of those strands a policy were in trouble. >> for more, we can now speak to our correspondent in london. a very early date in what i'm sure will be long process. has anything caught your attention so far? >> the first three witnesses are sitting together as a group. they are peter rickets, simon bb, and sir william patey. they have been talking about early 2001 when british policy to iraq was evolving. and about the policy of containment with saddam hussein , and the fact that it appeared to be ineffective. >>there is a suggestion from sir peter rickets that in
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america, for cybill, they were talking about regime changed two years before the war. can you shed any light on that? >> he said there were voices in washington talking about regime change early on. one of the witnesses was asked about the attitude and approach in britain. he said that no one had suggested regime change in government here at that early stage. bear in mind that the iraq conflict began in the early part of 2003. we're talking about almost a couple of years before that. we have not yet begun talking about the long and intense debate in the latest ages of 2002 that led to resolution 1441. >> there have been two earlier inquiries in britain. in what sense do you think this one will be different? >> the previous inquiries dealt
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with specific aspects of the iraq conflict. this is meant to be a comprehensive and wide-ranging inquiry that takes in everything about the iraq conflict over an eight-year period. there was pressure on the government to call a definitive inquiry. the government made it clear it would only happen after british operations in iraq or complete. >> thank you very much. >> chinese authorities have executed two people found guilty over contaminated milk scandal that killed at least six children in 2008. 300,000 children became ill after given baby formula contaminated with industrial chemical. the scandal shocked to find and prompted a massive recall of chinese-made milk products. president obama could announce
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his decision on whether to deploy thousands of more u.s. troops to afghanistan within days. president obama met with top advisers on monday night. up to 1 million hindu debilities aren't catherine and a village in nepal -- and to devotees are gathering in the panepal. >> this is "world news." in a couple of hours, the prime minister of india will be welcome to the white house by president obama in the first official state reception of the obama presidency. the pomp and ceremony will far exceed that given to any other leader so far. is it a sign of the importance assigned to this relationship
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between the world's two largest democracies. we're joined by a former indian ambassador in washington. thank you to both of you. what do you think india is looking for from this visit? >> there's a standard format for these discussions. they will take up bilateral and international issues. foremost in the prime minister's mind will be to find out from president obama where india stands in his world view. there's a lot of speculation that barack obama is perhaps not as enthusiastic about the strategic partnership as his predecessor was. these have been building up. we have had public differences
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over climate change, some remarks by general mcchrystal about the indian presence in afghanistan. i think, basically, he will find out where exactly we fit in. >> perhaps you can answer his question. where exactly does india fit into the obama world view? >> he is correct other is a concern in india that perhaps the the obama administration will not place as an option emphasis on india as the administration of george bush. i think that is a misplaced concern. there's a clear indication from the obama administration that india is one of america's key allies. and an allied that the obama
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administration will depend on much more. india is ideally placed to help in places such as afghanistan. we are expecting a decision from the obama administration about the path forward and the afghanistan. india is one of the major donors to a chemisand afghanistan. >> what do you mean? i have read that india could become america's new britain. what do you mean by that? >> if you look at the 20th- century, it was characterized between a special relationship between the u.s. and britain that helped solve a lot of the world's problems. britain is not well placed to continue to play that role. india is very well placed to fill the void.
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>> that raises the question. shouldn't indians be more confident? >> it is very nice to hear that, but that is what the think tank's say. a lot of american thinkers, but we have not heard from president obama. his recent visit to china raised eyebrows. in the joint statement, they talk about china and the u.s. have been a role in promoting better relations among itst the countries in asia. that brings back fears about bill clinton asking china to join the u.s. and supervising the nuclear development in south asia. >> i am going to have to interrupt. we have run out of time. i am sorry about that. thank you very much.
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philippine president gloria arroyo has declared a state of emergency after the death of 46 people. the dead were from a group of politicians and journalists. the attack is blamed on clan warfare ahead of next year's elections. some of the bodies were mutilated. more troops have been sent to the island of mindanao. >> the bloody aftermath of a calculated killing. somebody's found where they were slain. others recover from shallow graves. all civilians, all shot at close range. mindanao is no stranger to violence, but the brutality of this attack has shocked the nation. the working theory for investigators is that this was the result of a bitter rivalry between two powerful families.
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the local journalist called them warlords. among the victims, the wife of a local mayor. kopsuspicions are rife. accusations are flying. the philippines president is promising action. >> the perpetrators will be held accountable to the full limit of the law. checkpoints have been established. as of last night, the military elements are in place in the area. >> a conspicuous show of force after a conspicuous absence of that affected law and order. six months ahead of scheduled national elections, a chilling message has been sent. this is a risk you take if you run for political office in the southern philippines.
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>> as usual, we will have the business report in 25 minutes. thomas is here to tell us what it is like. big problems for japan's airlines. >> the stock fell 10% in tokyo. one of the country's biggest brokers said it sold its entire holding on the airline. it is desperately seeking financial bailout from the government. japan airlines is in a perilous positions. huge problems with the pensions. it is not going down well with current employees and retirees. >> from the air to the ground -- cars in china. >> china is now the largest market for auto makers in the
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world. they used to be the united states united states lost that in the financial crisis. last year, china sold 9.5 million vehicles. already this year, 11 million. if it is likely to reach 30 million by the end of the year. the auto show is currently going on in china. car sales are booming, not to sign the big centers, but right around the country. arafat's that stimulus measures will be pulled away -- there are some thoughts that a stimulus asures will be pulled away. >> coming up -- israeli soldiers refused to clear settlers from the west bank. two 0.5 million muslims descend on mecca despite swine flu fears. a sudanese woman who was
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sentenced to 40 lashes for wearing trousers is in paris to promote her book about the controversy. her sentence was commuted to 1 months in prison, but she was banned from leaving the country, a restriction that she is now openly defying. >> on tour to promote her new book caught. she left secretly to come to paris. the book is called "40 lashes for a pair of trousers." it will not be on sale in sudan. this is why. in july, she was arrested along with 12 other women and charged with indecency for wearing trousers. the others pleaded guilty and were given 10 lashes. she refused to give in and was sentenced to 40 lashes, in what became a test case for women's rights in tibet.
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-- women's rights in sudan. the government changed her sentence to a fine. she refused to pay and went to prison. she was released by banned from leaving the country, in order she has now the tide. >> this law in this practice the form and damage islam. doe>> she says more than 40,000 sudanese women were arrested on decency charges last year. she says she plans to continue her campaign in the courts as well as through her book. >> this is bbc "world news."
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an inquiry has begun into britain's war in the iraq war. the chairman said he would not shy away from criticism of government decision making. the prime minister of india will receive the first official state reception of the obama administration. an increasing number of israeli soldiers are publicly projecting to the evacuation settlements in the wt bank. the dissenting soldiers are severely disciplined. >> in israel, it is traditional for many combat soldiers to be sworn in at the western wall. in religious and political
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terms, one of their country's most significant sites. this protest of the reasons ceremony really caught is realis reraeli's attention. this was seen as a national trauma. nowadays, around half a million jewish settlers live in the west bank and east through some. the their homes are illegal under international law. it's old law does not recognize some settlements. soldiers are called on to dismantle them. he is in a detention center for refusing to take part.
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>> i agree with my sons action. i am proud of him. the israeli army has won the purpose. it is to take care and protect the israelis and the country. there is no other democratic country that uses its army against its people. >> this is one of the zero posts in the west bank that israel regards as illegal. there are soldiers who believe it should not be their duty to throw out fellow jews out of their lohome. concerns by apparently growing dissent among soldiers -- the prime minister of israel has spoken out. the security and existence of israel depends on our army, says
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benjamin netanyahu. many soldiers say they are trained to fight terror. they view the settlements as a political, not the indexes central isstexas central issue. it is a problem for the leaders. -- a view the settlements as political, not existential. >> more than two million muslims are braving the threat from swine flu to make this year's pilgrimage. concerns about the spread of the virus are dominating the religious of that. 67 cases have been confirmed. four pilgrims died over the weekend. th>> the gateway to the holiest
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cities -- the airport is also the first line of defense against the swine flu. many fear this could be the perfect setting for the spread of swine. are programs worried about getting infected? >> yes, the possibility is there. we prepare our body with injections. >> officials are not taking any chances. upon arrival, the pilgrims are given preventive medicines and screen for a clue like symptoms. >> these programs have just arrived. this scanner will take their body temperature.
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if there temperature inside, they will be removed from the crowd for further test to see if they have swine flu. >> this pilgrim arrived from india with high fever and a cough. he was immediately brought to a special swine flu hospital for a detailed test. the saudi government's the state health and safety of the pilgrims is the top priority. >> we have the expertise. we have the experience. i am confident that we will be able to control the disease. >> the real impact of the official effort may not be known until many of the pilgrims have returned home. >> let's get the latest el in the sporting world. >> thank you very much. we will start with the gulf. the rain delayed championship on
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monday. she clenched the player of the year award ahead of the south korean player. she could also afford to finish as low as third. she was in a tie for eighth. the pace was good, but slightly off line. she was not good enough on the day to claim the title. she was two shots down for a par on 18. the tennessee titans won the monday night game in the nfl clinching a victory over the houston texans.
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the two teams exchanged field goals. the score was still tied. he stepped up with less than one minute to go. it was not the end of the action. houston gave themselves a chance in overtime for a 49 yard eld goal attempt missed and the titans won. >> thank you very much. a reminder of our main story pri in the official inquiry into the 2003 war in iraq is heard from a top british intelligence officials. plenty more on our website. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> i'm julia stiles. >> i'm kevin bacon. >> i'm kim cattrall. >> hi, i'm ken burns. >> i'm lili taylor. >> i'm henry louis gates, jr., and public broadcasting is my source for news about the world. >> for intelligent conversation. >> for election coverage you can count on. >> for conversations beyond the sound bites. >> a commitment to journalism. >> for deciding who to vote for. >> i'm kerry washington, and public broadcasting is my source for intelligent connections to my community. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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